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Coat Check Creative is on the front lines of the entertainment management and development industry with a multi sided business model that allows for continued casting, creative consultation and community events expanding influence and revenue opportunities for an ever-growing list of clients. 

Generally, larger firms, such as William Morris Endeavor (WME) or Creative Artists Agency (CAA), work exclusively with top tier actors, writers, directors, and producers with large box office draw and established resumes while smaller firms work with both established and newer talent. Management firms target similarly with a commission-based model focusing primarily on acting talent, with a growing trend of managing showrunners and web talent to diversify income streams. Coat Check Creative is structured to meet new standards and stay ahead of the industry trend of diversifying income streams that blurs the lines between the core representation and content creation models. 

The entertainment industry is adapting to rapid tech advances, as well as social and streaming platforms, and top tier agencies are now acquiring strategic partnerships for content production and distribution to adjust for a drop in their commission-based profits. Commission-based revenue is trending lower because film studios, TV networks, and music companies have been paying talent less and spending more on marketing, which means major agencies are focusing attention on internal business development and technology investment leaving creative talent in search of guidance and a fresh approach to securing opportunities for career growth. 

The new game is devising new business models, whether it be in developing new online content, direct-to-consumer product, or expanding their social imprint, as well as seeking out new clients in the digital and gaming realm. YouTube network Awesomeness TV, as an example, quietly sold to Dreamworks Animation for $33 million in 2013 with initial investment and assistance from UTA who remains proactive in millennial focused digital media company investing. Coat Check Creative is positioning to help bridge the gap between an increasingly obsolete view of the industry and a new way of establishing relevance and value. 

Specifically, we specialize in consulting clients on how they appear to perspective hires, job tracking, getting the most out of their social media in terms of personal marketing, creative community building and other needs relevant to content development, creation and distribution. We are conveniently located in greater Los Angeles with online presence that allows us to take advantage of online social community and e-commerce.

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