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Casting - a line item often overlooked in the budget phase, yet integral to the success of any project. At Coat Check Creative we are unique in that we deliver cast for non-scripted and scripted TV, commercials, film and short form digital content for the web. Our experience is applied to our client's advantage when negotiating timelines and meeting expectations. We track current standards and practices when sourcing talent, and determine when it’s best to contact agents, post breakdowns or find talent organically through grass roots outreach and viral marketing. 

Learning the intricacies of new formats is challenging, but because of those efforts Paisley Baker has had the honor of working with some of the biggest series and brands in entertainment. (Search Paisley Baker on for credits & videos.) Paisley has also been in front of the camera as scripted talent, and was cast on the final season of Bravo’s ‘Workout’. Experiencing first-hand how it feels to film on commerical, film, TV and non-scripted reality TV sets enables Paisley to truly connect to candidates in an authentic and encouraging way. 

Casting requires exceptional organizational and communicative ability, development and interview skills, and an adaptability that takes years to refine. As a Casting Director, Paisley advocates for both project and talent, and ensures no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of the perfect cast. 


Creative Development is a niche area of the entertainment business that evolves and adapts with emerging formats. Because of this lack of equilibrium, regardless of content, Coat Check Creative helps clients focus their goals to keep progress on track and ensure some form of ROI.

With development, there’s no guarantee anyone will want what you're offering. The important first step is determining if you believe the project or content is worth the investment of your time.  

Coat Check Creative guides clients through the development process and helps them define what success or ROI means to them. Any concept has the possibility of being successful, but it's Coat Check's industry exposure and experience, forward thinking, and complete transparency that ensures Coat Check Creative's clients enter the arena prepared for every eventuality.

From day one, individual clients and projects are evaluated with the same filter used at the Network or Parent Company levels. We evaluate & improve materials, and prepare clients for the real-world experience of pitching their projects. 

What’s the difference between a Development client and a Management client??? Read Below.

Project Development

Management, by definition, is the function that coordinates the efforts of people to accomplish goals and objectives by using available resources efficiently and effectively. Coat Check Creative offers this project management option to a select number of creatives who have concepts and ideas in the very early stages that they'd like to develop and pitch. This option is for those who want to develop their idea, but don't know where to begin.  

Each project and/or talent seeking Coat Check Creative's guidance and support will be given a quick, confidential, honest evaluation. Development takes time and requires relationship building.  In the initial consultation we'll discuss briefly the following - overall creative, industry needs, personal and project goals, and the overall process of preparation and pitch. From there, we'll decide if Coat Check Creative is the right fit to help move your project forward. 

Each client is unique, and each project presents its own challenges. Think of the project management arm of Coat Check Creative as a safe space for guided creative development.

Coat Check Creative's goal for management clients is to ensure growth for both the creative and the project. We make sure each step of the process, from concept to project green light, is as clear, digestible and successful as possible.

Project Management

Coat Check Creative provides customized advice for creative people at any stage of their professional careers. Our private sessions reengineer the business growth process for creatives in need of support and guidance. We listen and offer insight and perspective for creatives who want to know the next best move. Whether or not you're a member of a union or professional association, we help you develop & grow professional habits that deliver results. 

The ideal client for Coat Check Creative is a professional wanting to get their creative career off to a focused and purposeful start, or those looking to "start over" with a fresh outlook & vibe. 

We cater to youth, recent grads, below the line production staff, as well as executive level creatives. We are a safe space to discuss your goals and strategy. We help our clients understand industry norms, brand themselves as creatives, teach them how to get and make the most out of a meeting, source & develop contacts, and get the most out of career focused social media.

Coat Check Creative offers consulting services at a flat or hourly rate as defined below:
Confidential Project Review with Notes & Pitch Preparation - $100/hr per pitch  
Social Media Evaluation with Notes - $40 flat
Audition Prep - $30/hour | On Camera Interview Prep - $40/hour
Logo / Branding Consult - $50 flat | Logo Creation (outsourced) - $45/hour 
Live Events & Seminars - $30 - $60 (sliding scale)
Creative Consult with Customized Career Advice & Strategy $50/hr

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Entertainment is a rapidly evolving, fast-paced industry. In response to this climate, Coat Check Creative will offer content on various social platforms, including a closed group social sharing page on Facebook, updated in real time to speed the access professionals have to information about jobs, new technology, newly formed companies or partnerships, and other industry news.

Coat Check Creative will moderate this group to uphold standards and foster positive relations among participants. Coat Check Creative looks forward to in person gatherings, as well as virtual opportunities to mix with creatives online. 

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