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The majority of my client base produces non-scripted, reality based television for major cable networks. With that said, it’s a great day at Coat Check Creative when I get to switch creative hats and sink my teeth into commercial content. My recent commercial casting for MoneyLion was a fantastic experience and I’ll share some important take-aways with you below.

This spotlight not only celebrates the hard work and professionalism of the talent selects above, but it’s also a way for me as a Casting Director to draw attention to best practices when it comes to connecting with your CD after a shoot. All talent should utilize social media the skillful way Sabina Almeida did following the shoot. You’ll see a screen shot below from her Instagram post. By making a simple post on socials and tagging Coat Check, Sabina demonstrated that she was 1) motivated to keep up with her own career, and 2) appreciative of the opportunity to work.

I cannot even count the number of times a talent has emailed my work email asking for a copy of their episode or spot – months after we’ve all moved on! No. Get the necessary information you’ll need to track your projects and source the materials yourselves. By doing so and tagging your Casting Director in your posts on socials, you’re connecting with your CD in a positive way they’ll appreciate.

Roar Money: Millions of Lions I MoneyLion

Contacting a Casting Director to ask for copy or a link to your work may seem normal, but the only thing you want your CD thinking about is the NEXT job they’ll book you on, and how great it was to work with you. Emailing random requests and questions will backfire. Instead, be kind and courteous by giving a simple shout out on social media. Who knows – maybe the Casting Director will return the kindness and sing your praises on theirs!!

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