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Alexandra Holzer

C3 client Alexandra Holzer recently screened and reviewed ‘A Ghost Story’, which hit theaters this July. Thank you to Sara’o Bery of A24 Films who sought out our raven-haired daughter of the paranormal and shared this “hauntingly beautiful” film with her.    #AlexandraHolzer #A24 #AGhostStory #Paranormal #SoulMates #HansHolzer #Film #Sundance #Ghosts

Holzer reviews A Ghost Story

Here are her words:

“It’s only fitting that the film ‘A Ghost Story’, which is slated to hit theaters July 7th, 2017 found it’s way to me for a private screening.   As someone who famously grew up around the field of physical or paranormal research, and who now works in the field myself, I am pleased to say this film delivers on multiple levels.

What I speak of is the brilliantly masterful telling of a traditional ghost story. This is an honest film that dares to explore the great mystery of what happens to us when we die. In particular, the film explores life after death from a ghost’s perspective. According to my father, the late Dr. Hans Holzer, “a ghost is merely a fellow human being in trouble”, and we truly see our ghost’s human struggle depicted in this movie.

It is, at times, a very sad and emotionally moving roller coaster – beautifully shot and directed. The film takes its time and allows the audience to fully feel what the characters, living and dead, feel. Silence and stillness allow the fullness of the actors to fill the screen. The moment-to-moment reality shown from both perspectives beautifully and deeply pierced my heart, thoughts and feelings. This story allows the viewer to see first hand what it might be like for a soul when they pass, but haven’t crossed over yet. Perhaps they weren’t ready to go and have unfinished business?

It has been a long time since I’ve been able to watch a great film explore the fundamentals of paranormal research. From a lifetime of study, I believe Death is merely a continuation of life on a different level. ‘A Ghost Story’ touches on this and many other theories that have been written about, researched, and extensively studied in recent decades.

The subject matter was true to its core, and it resonated deep within me. My own father was a true modern day ghost hunter, researcher and theorist who lived his life doing the work in an effort to educate the public on what happens when we pass. Where does the spirit go? Why do things go bump in the night? Is there anything to fear in the after life? This spiritually moving film is shot with respect to the subject matter with no overbearing bells and whistles, yet there are moments that will have you on the edge of your seat.

The story left me feeling a great sense of satisfaction. In my field we work extremely hard to try and explain our beliefs through scientific research for countless numbers of skeptics who could benefit greatly if they’d only dare to believe. Death is a very real and inevitable circumstance we all arrive at eventually. When we pass, the many layers of life are revealed and there are infinite possibilities of where we might end up and why we might end up there. This hauntingly beautiful story is very validating to the paranormal community, is scientifically supported by decades of research, and is well done all around. Thank you to all who put this out there.”  Alexandra Holzer

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