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When long time confidants and fellow creatives Wondwossen Dikran and Olu Odebunmi approached C3 about a possible casting it was clear this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Digital content is an exciting space to play in, and this particular project was backed by none other than Russell Simmons and his All Def Digital team – saying nothing of the formidable comedic talent of Dormtainment at the center of it all.

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Dormtainment’s sketch comedy had been seen by millions of online fans, but this project in particular was a departure from their standard skits and short form content. At first glance the script was very smart and very funny, so I hurriedly confirmed interest with everyone involved. What I didn’t catch was the scope of the casting, given the turn around time I had to deliver and lock cast. All told, the principal and supporting roles totaled around 50 talents, with 20+ featured extras and an additional 75 background performers that were required for a large venue scene. I could utilize Central Casting for our background, but booking 70+ principal, supporting and featured talent would still be a colossal undertaking.

Table Read with Principal Talent / All Def Digital / Los Angeles:

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My enthusiasm for this project grew, even as the hours I was able to sleep diminished. It’s hard to explain the rush a creative gets when you’re locking cast or collaborating on something creatively exciting. Never mind the fact that we had Al B. Sure come on board for a celebrity cameo, which gave me happy flash backs to school dances in the early 90’s!

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Overall, the casting made good on Coat Check Creative’s promise to elevate creative content with any contribution made. On this particular project, thanks in part to Dormtainment’s vast network of comedic talent & friends, we had an embarrassment of riches available for key roles throughout.

Behind the scenes with cast:

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