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Meet Paisley

I never dreamed I’d be working on the ground anywhere other than Los Angeles when 2016 began, but as the 4th quarter of the year approached an opportunity was presented that I just couldn’t pass up.


Early in 2016 it was “out with the old” and “in with the new” where casting was concerned.  Handling casting for LMNO Productions ‘Murder Book’ Season 2 was thrilling.  True crime murder recreation shows bring their own set of unique challenges, but the team behind the scenes and the awesome talent selects made the process a rewarding one.  Just as that casting wrapped up, Small Ax reached out regarding a Build-A-Bear commercial campaign, so it was off to the races booking talent to fill those roles.

While casting is always a primary focus of Coat Check Creative, management and development will never get overlooked. My intention when starting Coat Check was to create a company with creative development pumping through it’s core.   I strongly believe real growth comes when you push yourself farther than you ever have before, and I definitely did just that when I signed Coat Check Creative to a first look development deal with Atlas Media Corp in early 2016.  What a difference a day makes!


Weather managing clients into deals of their own, or developing concepts or talent for pitch, Coat Check Creative is always hard at work behind the scenes.  Thanks to the deal with Atlas Media Corp, C3’s development slate tripled in the span of a few short months. This summer proved to be a busy one! I’m absolutely thrilled for the dynamic talent who are now in the process of developing their own brand new series for pitch in early 2017.


With everything moving full steam ahead I never imagined I’d pack up and relocate to Houston, but that’s exactly what happened in early August this year.  Another opportunity offered and accepted meant leaving the creature comforts of Los Angeles to help produce TLC’s ‘OutDaughtered’ Season 2 in my hometown of Houston – for three months! This awesome opportunity meant working closely with story like I’d never done before.  It also meant working closely with a great team of people and an awesome cast, which made working in a garage in August bearable.



The show airs Tuesday nights 9/8c on TLC.

All in all this year has been an exciting one, but having an exciting and creatively prosperous year does nothing more than raise the stakes for 2017.  Working closely with talent is thrilling in a way that cannot be fully expressed.  Partnering that with continued creative development and a stronger understanding of story is invaluable. Yes, a lot can change in the span of just one day – let’s see what this New Year brings!











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