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In the Entertainment Industry the “first quarter” is filled with flashy awards ceremonies, and purposeful campaigns for project and talent recognition, while dutiful, behind the scenes plotting and planning for NEW project casting, development & pitching go virtually unnoticed. Celebrating the past can completely draw focus, so beware. Unless you’re smart enough to celebrate the old while continuing to work on what’s NEXT, you might be left behind!

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Be mindful – in January the development playing fields of scripted and non-scripted television are on equal footing. The same questions are being asked – “What do people want?”  “What do we have that’s ready?”  “Who can we pitch?” It’s no secret that first quarter money is better than fourth quarter money, but what you may not know is many companies make changes to staff that impact the every man’s ability to pitch or present work. Enter the year with your roster of projects ready to pitch and have your plan of action in place so you know where and who you’re pitching.  Have partnerships in place with people who know more than you do – always! If you’ve done this, you’ve entered the new year prepared – BEST of LUCK to you!

Here’s a taste of the old with the new:

Not in the game yet? Read up on new projects and research the companies who partnered to produce them. Check IMDB and read bios on producers and directors for a glimpse into how they got started.  Follow your favorite talent on Twitter and Instagram – champion their successes. And see the films being buzzed about so you’re truly a part of the celebration. Let the start of each year be a time of year that inspires you.  Set meaningful, attainable goals for yourself so your year is outlined and you maximize your growth potential. It isn’t about where you are, it’s where you’re going.

The party continues with or without you.  Is this the year you jump in? 

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